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**How to act at your Christmas party**

MF ChristmasWell, that’s it! The John Lewis Christmas advert is on TV, Mariah Carey has been on the radio and the city centre Christmas light switch on in Leicester is tomorrow! Whether you like it or not the festive season is upon us!

The reaction we all have to Christmas is usually similar to Marmite, you either love it or hate it! But along with Christmas comes the sometimes dreaded Christmas party! Whether you are usually the life of the party or the person who quietly sits by the food table, there are norms everyone should follow at the Christmas party!

Keep the mistletoe away:
The office hottie is right below the mistletoe and you’re raring to go but think it over, is it really worth it? No, and definitely not in front of your boss and the boss’s boss!

Drunken mess:
Have a few drinks, they are free and might be of good quality, but by no way does that mean it’s upon you to empty every bottle of alcohol you find!

Social media slave:
Sitting in a corner updating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is not only extremely antisocial, but seriously unwise if you’ve had a drink… or three!

Cry baby:
There’s always one! If you are prone to a tear or two, then reread the paragraph about drinking too much!

Dress code:
The office party is not the time to experiment with that little black number or that comedy suit!

The X Factor:
Now is not the time to try out your best impression of Adele or attempt to dance like Mick Jagger!

Take our advice, don’t learn the hard way!


Why I do what I do

So I’ve got a couple of spare moments over lunch and thought I’d finally put together a little bit about why it is that I wake up in the morning, put my suit on and actually look forward to walking through the doors at Maloy and Flynn every single morning… some may even say I love Mondays.

For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t looked at my profile here’s a little insight into my history, I’ve been in recruitment for 7 years now (I know I know I can’t be that old right?!). I’m not going to lie and tell you that as a kid I dreamt of being a Recruitment Consultant (I actually wanted to be a WWF Wrestler but I guess the family genes ruled that out from the moment I was born!), in fact like most Recruiters I fell into it and I’ve not looked back since.

Over those 7 years I’ve worked for a start up, set up on my own, worked for a national and now for an independent. I can honestly say that I am happier now in my career than I have ever been and I attribute that to a couple of simple things; RESPECT, BELIEF and TRUST.

Over the last two years I’ve been shown that Maloy and Flynn respect me, that they believe in me and that trust me.

This is why every morning when I leave my house and lock my front door I’m not dreading walking through the office doors. I don’t need a coffee to get me ready and I’m not sitting here doing my best not to pick up my phone or reply to any emails.

Last year I was the highest performer in the business and it’s something I plan on retaining this year, however, this year will be even more satisfactory as I’ll have done it with a team of outstanding Consultants under me who I’m sure in twelve months time will have aspirations to win the award themselves and I hope they do because it will prove that the RESPECT, BELIEF and TRUST I hold for them has helped them just as much as it helped me.

Now comes the time where I’m looking to add another member to my team and I’m looking for someone who wants to

  • Be BELIEVED in
  • Earn more commission than they ever thought possible
  • Not work within a heavily restricted environment

So if you want to come into work looking forward to the day ahead why is your CV not in my inbox yet (my email address is

Heading back from the City

It’s always the way isn’t? You go to university, study hard in your degree, make some great friends and then decide to head to the lights of the big city to find that golden graduate position and make your fortune.

One in three (1) graduates will move to London after completing university. This is a huge amount of the workforce, but what happens next? How long do you stay before moving on elsewhere? The average age according to polls is the early thirties. (2) Looking at these statistics gives us a clear message:  A huge portion of young graduates will move to London to gain their foothold in the career of their choice and then leave once they decide to settle down.

Whilst we’re all huge fans of the localities we know and love, we understand the draw to the city. I’ve been there, most of us have. There does get to a time where you begin questioning why you are paying triple the average rent for a one bedroom flat for a shoebox and why every single morning you spend half an hour in a dank, hot pipe shoved against a stranger who refuses to stop reading their copy of ‘The Metro’ – It does get a little tiring.


If we look at the 2015 graduates from De Montfort and Leicester University, that numbers around 3,500 graduates leaving for London this year alone.

The figure is similar for people returning to the city who have previously lived or grown up here (3) We can safely assume a proportion of these are those who have spent their time in London and are now heading back to the land they know, looking to start a family or because they’re tired of the city.

Maloy and Flynn know this and are one of the first choices for professionals who are looking to stay in the career they know and love yet want to lay the groundwork for living back in the East Midlands. In 2014 we doubled in size and cover a huge array of industries, each with their own specialist consultant managing the process.

If you’re considering a move back or simply would like to hear about any opportunities before you do so, give Kish Gokani a call on 0116 2755 666 or drop an email to for a confidential and informal discussion!





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What have Maloy & Flynn accomplished this week?

Head Office Recruitment

Natasha has been busy this week bringing on more new business, whilst Latisha has been placing more temps into employment! Rebecca has received Employee of the Month for January and is also making placements.


Jack has successfully placed 3 people into employment into the Engineering sector this week, and has also been busy bringing on new business. Emma in our Nottingham office has also been bringing new business on this week, with a company who has sites nationwide!


Kim in our Legal team made a great start to the week by placing their First Home-Based Conveyancer.  New team member Abby has hit all of her weekly targets, and also completed her first registration!

Specialist Markets

Our colleague Kish has left us for a week whilst he parties in Las Vegas! However we can see his week has continued his run of good weeks as he continues to make placements and still has interviews waiting outcomes – fingers crossed!

Sales & Marketing

Our colleague Nick who is based in our Nottingham Office is now focusing on the Construction Sales market along with colleague Adam.


Tasmyn has successfully hit her targets this week, and also managed to fill a large booking with a new client.


Our apprenticeship team has a new team member Saania, who has already been on her first client meeting and registered her first candidate whilst April is busy placing apprentices!


Admin Team

Our apprentice Bronwyn has completed another 3 units in her Business and Administration apprenticeship – Congratulations!

Management Team

This week marked the start of rolling out our new training programme which has been created for Maloy & Flynn.                           – Tony Llewellyn
                                                   – Head Office Business Manager

A message from the Directors

This week has been one of refocus and a realignment of the Business, with the aim of ensuring record productivity.                                 – John Flynn
                                                     Operations Director

Newsletter – January 2016

2016 marks tE1he start of many things, one of them being our monthly newsletter.

Edition one includes our jobs of the month, the recruitment trends of 2015 and our Employee of the Year 2015.

If you have any feedback or suggestions on what you would like to see in our newsletter, please let Sophie know by emailing

Click the link below to view our monthly newsletter.

January 2016



We… Are… The… Robots

a robotThere’s been a lot of daft press in recent weeks about how the nation needs to re-evaluate their careers in fear of a robotic revolution. No, this isn’t the plot to a bygone summer blockbuster – this is real. In fact, the BBC have quite kindly set up a nifty program which informs users how likely their job will be lost to automated robots over the next twenty years… how kind.

Go ahead and give it a go here. If you currently don’t have a job and have visited the Maloy & Flynn site for a remedy, well you’re in the right place as we have no use for robots in the vocations we provide. As predicted, the main roles which people can expect to see robots become adept are those which cause people the most physical grief and least mental stimulation.

Thankfully, any job which requires human compassion, thought, care and well… for goodness sake, that’s most jobs, really isn’t it? This whole AI issue is quite the hot topic and will no doubt cause a further stir in the coming decades, in fact – just take a look at this call for sex robots to be banned – surreal stuff indeed.

Fear not, this isn’t a computer game and we’re nowhere near the stage of handing out P45’s because a nice robot turned up who can do accounting without a toilet break. Maloy & Flynn are fully committed to providing temporary and permanent recruitment solutions to the people of Leicester. On top of this we also work closely with many local businesses to provide a diverse selection of apprenticeships for those looking to get an early foot in the door on their chosen careers.

a man at a desk with numerous books

Leicester City Council Awards Broadband Grants

internet cableIf you are a small or medium sized business operating in Leicester then you may wish to take a few minutes to explore this rather exciting proposition.

Leicester City Council is currently allowing businesses to sign up for a government funded grant of £3000 in aid of upgrading their internet services. Let’s face it, we’re knee deep in the digital age and to neglect your network specs is to neglect your business as a whole. Slow or intermittent connections can throw a spanner in the works of the most basic of businesses, making this grant an essential avenue of funding for those starting out.

To explore the requirements for the grant you can go to the .GOV website. As reported by the Leicester Mercury,Maloy & Flynn are rather pleased to hear that over 200 local businesses have already taken advantage of the scheme; a promising figure which should benefit a more level standard of networking across Leicester.

These grants didn’t just pop up out of nowhere, the government has been encouraging a higher standard of broadband in business for some time – in fact, this scheme is a part of £40 million “national broadband connection voucher scheme” which is believed to run until March next year. If you’re concerned about extra costs that may come with installation, the Leicester Mercury also reports that all businesses have had their new superfast connection installed for free!

With speeds of over 100mbp for your office, the offer is enticing indeed – to think only a decade ago a 1mbps connection seemed like a dream.


Anyway, enough rambling – if you’re interested click here, if not; tell Maloy & Flynn why on Facebook and Twitter.

2015 Budget Summons New Apprenticeship Era

So George Osbourne has announced the budget for 2015 and as expected, responses are mixed. First of all is the highly divisive decision to cut maintenance grants for university students from poorer backgrounds and turn them into repayable loans. Next up, we have a pledge to create three million new apprenticeships for the youth of Britain using money cut from the welfare osbourne holding budget

More opportunities for young people to chase their desired vocation is always a good thing but the main concern lays with the issue of quality, not quantity. It’s been argued that some firms (not the kind Maloy & Flynn deal with anyway) are camouflaging short term training programmes as apprenticeships with no commitment to helping the apprentice find a stable role. This is of course the absolute worst case scenario and we strive to only offer apprenticeships with employers that are genuinely interested in building skills, confidence and career paths for their workers.

At current, apprenticeships are in very high demand and many people are choosing to take this route over university study. According to CEBR, IPPR and a Parliament briefing, the UK benefits by £34 billion from apprenticeships and over 440,000 new apprentices found work in the 2013/2014 period. One of the strongest to benefits to arise from the new budget is the increase to £3.30 an hour for all apprentices from October 2015 onward.

Maloy & Flynn specialise in apprenticeships across a number of sectors; including Business, Administration and Law which accounted for 105,000 of all UK apprenticeships across 2014/2015.

If you’d like to enquire about our current opportunities then please give us a ring on 0116 275 5666 or click here.


You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.