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**How to act at your Christmas party**

Well, that’s it! The John Lewis Christmas advert is on TV, Mariah Carey has been on the radio and the city centre Christmas light switch on in Leicester is tomorrow! Whether you like it or not the festive season is upon us! The reaction we all have to Christmas is usually similar to Marmite, you either love… Read more »

Why I do what I do

So I’ve got a couple of spare moments over lunch and thought I’d finally put together a little bit about why it is that I wake up in the morning, put my suit on and actually look forward to walking through the doors at Maloy and Flynn every single morning… some may even say I… Read more »

Heading back from the City

It’s always the way isn’t? You go to university, study hard in your degree, make some great friends and then decide to head to the lights of the big city to find that golden graduate position and make your fortune. One in three (1) graduates will move to London after completing university. This is a… Read more »

What have Maloy & Flynn accomplished this week?

Head Office Recruitment Natasha has been busy this week bringing on more new business, whilst Latisha has been placing more temps into employment! Rebecca has received Employee of the Month for January and is also making placements. Engineering Jack has successfully placed 3 people into employment into the Engineering sector this week, and has also… Read more »

We… Are… The… Robots

There’s been a lot of daft press in recent weeks about how the nation needs to re-evaluate their careers in fear of a robotic revolution. No, this isn’t the plot to a bygone summer blockbuster – this is real. In fact, the BBC have quite kindly set up a nifty program which informs users how likely… Read more »

Leicester City Council Awards Broadband Grants

If you are a small or medium sized business operating in Leicester then you may wish to take a few minutes to explore this rather exciting proposition. Leicester City Council is currently allowing businesses to sign up for a government funded grant of £3000 in aid of upgrading their internet services. Let’s face it, we’re knee… Read more »

2015 Budget Summons New Apprenticeship Era

So George Osbourne has announced the budget for 2015 and as expected, responses are mixed. First of all is the highly divisive decision to cut maintenance grants for university students from poorer backgrounds and turn them into repayable loans. Next up, we have a pledge to create three million new apprenticeships for the youth of Britain… Read more »

Money Isn’t Everything

Money isn’t everything. Sure, you don’t need us to tell you that as it’s probably been beaten into you since you were young, but of course it can be good to reflect every once in a while. What does matter though is choosing a career that suits your skill set, personality, and plans for the… Read more »

Job Interview Etiquette

While Maloy & Flynn specialise in finding you the ideal job role to suit your character, skills and experience we do of course ask that you understand the expectations required of a strong candidate. We are here to help you get your foot on the job seeking ladder but sometimes employers will wish to screen applicants… Read more »