Heading back from the City

It’s always the way isn’t? You go to university, study hard in your degree, make some great friends and then decide to head to the lights of the big city to find that golden graduate position and make your fortune.

One in three (1) graduates will move to London after completing university. This is a huge amount of the workforce, but what happens next? How long do you stay before moving on elsewhere? The average age according to polls is the early thirties. (2) Looking at these statistics gives us a clear message:  A huge portion of young graduates will move to London to gain their foothold in the career of their choice and then leave once they decide to settle down.

Whilst we’re all huge fans of the localities we know and love, we understand the draw to the city. I’ve been there, most of us have. There does get to a time where you begin questioning why you are paying triple the average rent for a one bedroom flat for a shoebox and why every single morning you spend half an hour in a dank, hot pipe shoved against a stranger who refuses to stop reading their copy of ‘The Metro’ – It does get a little tiring.


If we look at the 2015 graduates from De Montfort and Leicester University, that numbers around 3,500 graduates leaving for London this year alone.

The figure is similar for people returning to the city who have previously lived or grown up here (3) We can safely assume a proportion of these are those who have spent their time in London and are now heading back to the land they know, looking to start a family or because they’re tired of the city.

Maloy and Flynn know this and are one of the first choices for professionals who are looking to stay in the career they know and love yet want to lay the groundwork for living back in the East Midlands. In 2014 we doubled in size and cover a huge array of industries, each with their own specialist consultant managing the process.

If you’re considering a move back or simply would like to hear about any opportunities before you do so, give Kish Gokani a call on 0116 2755 666 or drop an email to kish@maloyflynn.co.uk for a confidential and informal discussion!


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