**How to act at your Christmas party**

MF ChristmasWell, that’s it! The John Lewis Christmas advert is on TV, Mariah Carey has been on the radio and the city centre Christmas light switch on in Leicester is tomorrow! Whether you like it or not the festive season is upon us!

The reaction we all have to Christmas is usually similar to Marmite, you either love it or hate it! But along with Christmas comes the sometimes dreaded Christmas party! Whether you are usually the life of the party or the person who quietly sits by the food table, there are norms everyone should follow at the Christmas party!

Keep the mistletoe away:
The office hottie is right below the mistletoe and you’re raring to go but think it over, is it really worth it? No, and definitely not in front of your boss and the boss’s boss!

Drunken mess:
Have a few drinks, they are free and might be of good quality, but by no way does that mean it’s upon you to empty every bottle of alcohol you find!

Social media slave:
Sitting in a corner updating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is not only extremely antisocial, but seriously unwise if you’ve had a drink… or three!

Cry baby:
There’s always one! If you are prone to a tear or two, then reread the paragraph about drinking too much!

Dress code:
The office party is not the time to experiment with that little black number or that comedy suit!

The X Factor:
Now is not the time to try out your best impression of Adele or attempt to dance like Mick Jagger!

Take our advice, don’t learn the hard way!