Why I do what I do

So I’ve got a couple of spare moments over lunch and thought I’d finally put together a little bit about why it is that I wake up in the morning, put my suit on and actually look forward to walking through the doors at Maloy and Flynn every single morning… some may even say I love Mondays.

For those of you who don’t know me or haven’t looked at my profile here’s a little insight into my history, I’ve been in recruitment for 7 years now (I know I know I can’t be that old right?!). I’m not going to lie and tell you that as a kid I dreamt of being a Recruitment Consultant (I actually wanted to be a WWF Wrestler but I guess the family genes ruled that out from the moment I was born!), in fact like most Recruiters I fell into it and I’ve not looked back since.

Over those 7 years I’ve worked for a start up, set up on my own, worked for a national and now for an independent. I can honestly say that I am happier now in my career than I have ever been and I attribute that to a couple of simple things; RESPECT, BELIEF and TRUST.

Over the last two years I’ve been shown that Maloy and Flynn respect me, that they believe in me and that trust me.

This is why every morning when I leave my house and lock my front door I’m not dreading walking through the office doors. I don’t need a coffee to get me ready and I’m not sitting here doing my best not to pick up my phone or reply to any emails.

Last year I was the highest performer in the business and it’s something I plan on retaining this year, however, this year will be even more satisfactory as I’ll have done it with a team of outstanding Consultants under me who I’m sure in twelve months time will have aspirations to win the award themselves and I hope they do because it will prove that the RESPECT, BELIEF and TRUST I hold for them has helped them just as much as it helped me.

Now comes the time where I’m looking to add another member to my team and I’m looking for someone who wants to

  • Be BELIEVED in
  • Earn more commission than they ever thought possible
  • Not work within a heavily restricted environment

So if you want to come into work looking forward to the day ahead why is your CV not in my inbox yet (my email address is Kish@maloyflynn.co.uk)